Ashley Fell, Education Future Forum, presented by McCrindle Research, Terrey Hills, NSW

"Greg was a fantastic addition to our program. His personal story interspersed with facts and data made for a very interesting and engaging presentation, which all of our delegates enjoyed. Greg has an amazing story and it was a privilege for us to have him share it at our Education Future Forum".

25th November, 2016


Graham Hoile, John Pirie Secondary School, Port Pirie, SA

"John Pirie Secondary School was privileged to receive a visit from Greg and his team as part of his epic Ride Around Oz.

As our Year 11 and 12 students were sitting or preparing for exams, Greg presented to our year 10 cohort. His talk was pitched at a level that they connected with and wanted to engage with.

Our students were captivated by the story of his journey, both the daily physical and mental demands that had to be overcome on an extended ride and the transformation in mind and body that went into the decision to take on such a challenge.

They left the presentation with a better understanding of what you can do if you commit to a plan and don’t let minor or even sometimes major setbacks distract you from your stated goal. The group appreciated his openness and honesty when answering questions and his message challenged them to examine how to make the most of the opportunities that may present to them throughout their time at school and beyond".

7th November, 2016


Paul Millett, 'Start the Journey Motivational Session', Cooley Auctions, Double Bay, NSW

"There is no doubt Greg had everyone at our morning session last month completely inspired.

Success in the real estate industry depends a lot on staying positive and motivated and there is nothing like some motivation at 8:30am to set you up for a good day!

Thank you Greg for candidly sharing your story and reminding us that a healthy body and healthy mind is what life is all about.

We'll be following your Ride Around Oz! Good luck!"

24th June, 2016


Amanda Irwin, St Therese's Primary School, Denistone, NSW

"I asked Greg to help me with my pilot primary school health & fitness program we called 'Fresh Start Fitness' and launched in Term 2, with 20 students. It was designed to target disengaged students along with other students in the school that displayed a need for physical intervention or an extra outlet to grow and build on their strengths. Having a range of students, not just the ‘naughty ones’ allowed for reinvention of character and positive models to build from. 

One of the key components to the success of the program was the involvement, participation and support from various businesses and network connections. When I first came up with the idea of the program, one person came to mind... Greg! His inspirational story, passion for fitness, mental health and engagement in community is infectious and I knew we needed him and his company Zeal2u on board. Along with April, the company not only generously committed to weekly donations of fresh fruit and vegetables to support the breakfast component of the program, but also provided us ongoing hands on support by teaching the fitness component and making the healthy breakfasts throughout this program.

Greg and April openly and honestly shared their stories of transformation both in casual conversations with the kids as well as in an engaging presentation Greg made to the class group. They built relationships with a range of the students who had previously struggled to connect with or trust adults in their lives. Greg's story and the interactive, honest way he presented his struggles and triumphs resonated with some of the students in a ways we would never had imagined. Once game-addicted, couch potatoes were now talking about purchasing bikes and going for runs, talking about their own struggles and building resilience and bounce back attitude towards speed humps in life.

I would highly recommend Greg as an articulate and engaging speaker to any audience as he can relate to a range of people with his values on health, fitness and positive mindset enabling anyone to achieve greater lifestyle success"

July, 2015


Robyn Winn, Hills Community Care Team, The Hills Shire Council, Baulkham Hills, NSW

"I engaged Greg to close our all staff meeting with a motivational message. Greg did exactly that, he left the staff feeling excited, motivated and with some practical new tips and tools staff could use on entering into 2016 with new goals and aspirations both in the workplace and on a personal level. The staff thoroughly enjoyed his engaging and thought-provoking presentation and were uplifted by his personal transformation story and life experiences to date, including his challenging personal goals for the future. I would highly recommend Greg presenting to any groups or individuals with his articulate speaking abilities and his message on how to re-assess your goals and putting actions in place to achieve them".

December, 2015