Greg McDermott, speaker, endurance sports coach and podcast host, in 2013 lost 30kg in 5 months amongst making other lifestyle changes and has now completed a solo, supported cycle AROUND Australia in 78 days non-stop.


Cycled (2 wheels) 14,284kms around Australia | averaging 180km daily (8-12hrs) | 78 days duration | no rest days


Left Sydney 3rd September and returned Sat 19th November 2016


Sydney > Brisbane > Darwin > Perth > Adelaide > Melbourne > Canberra


Greg's aim was to educate, motivate & inspire all Aussies to find their passion, live with purpose and set goals to achieve their dreams because he knows from experience that anything in life is possible! Greg is following his own dreams daily and does so through setting a critical foundation of eating nourishing wholefoods, being active, fostering a positive mindset and setting goals. If an ‘average guy’ like Greg can turn his life around, anyone can!

Greg also aimed to raise funds for Fr. Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets, to enable them to continue to help disconnected young people to discover greatness within, by engaging, supporting and providing opportunities to encourage and facilitate positive life choices.