Let's talk straight up for a few minutes. No bullshit. No agenda. No messing about.

There's usually something or someone who is holding you back from fulfilling your true potential. If there's not, then it's YOU. You are holding yourself back.

Often I speak with athletes, friends and colleagues about their "big" goals and dreams but within five minutes of the conversation beginning I can feel, sense and see the doubt creeping into their own belief when they think of the logistics of what they can or can't do.

Time is usually the first thing that comes up as a barrier to success. If anyone tells me they don't have time honestly, they are full of shit. It's as simple as that actually. There's no such thing as not having time to take action on your goal. There are 24 hours in day and I guarantee you all you will find time to work on the goal that makes you itch. Find the time. Make it a priority. Watching tv is simply not a priority in most people's lives. If it is.....great. Watch it and achieve nothing because unless you have a passion for writing blogs on '50 first roots' or whatever the show is, then you're simply wasting time.

Spend the time reading about your goal, find others who've done similar things or jump on the internet and find some motivational or inspiring stories to watch. Feed your head with the right material for success.

The second big excuse I hear is that my partner doesn't want me to succeed! This doesn't come across as this statement itself but this is the message behind the fake statement. When your partner or friends demand time of you, crack it for not being home or try to sabotage your goal by suggesting poor lifestyle choices, they're probably not the right person for you to be around. I realize this is pretty drastic and could make you uncomfortable but seriously......would YOU rather live a life of fun, purpose, success and fulfillment or run your life based on someone else's agenda, following their goals and dreams and achieve very little for yourself. Your partner should be an extension of you and you of them.....support works both ways here. There's nothing better than seeing your partner or a loved one achieve something big they or you never thought possible. To put this very simply and right to the heart of the issue.....they are either on the bus or not and you need to fill your bus with the best support you possibly can every minute, every hour, every week, month and year.

The third thing I hear when it comes to people not being able to achieve success is that it hurts, it's uncomfortable or I can't. This is all bullshit that you feed yourself. Your unconscious mind controls many of the decisions you need to make daily. Get this right and working correctly and everything else will follow. Sure, it's hard to ride around the country, sure it hurt and at times I thought I couldn't go any further but I did. Why? Because I knew my WHY! I knew when I woke up every morning that what I had to do would make a difference. My why was big enough. Find your WHY!

Here's A Challenge: Take an hour this week to sit down and write down the 10 things you are most passionate about in life. The things that if money was no object you would want to do. Spend some time thinking about these things then pick one thing and set a goal around it. Yes, it might seam ridiculous to think you could actually achieve this. Who knows, maybe you will, maybe you won't but I'll guarantee you one thing...you haven't a hope in hell of achieving it without a goal and a plan.

~ Reach Your Peak ~