It doesn't take long each morning to work out that it's only a matter of time before an adventure and goal that I set so long ago is about to come to fruition. All the planning done. All the logistics covered (well nearly covered) and soon it'll be time to toe the start line in Sydney to begin a truly life changing event.

Over the past four weeks my mind and body have finally come together to start to comprehend what they need to do together for 79 days. It certainly won't be easy but what is? If it's worth doing it ain't easy. If it was easy everyone would do it. Ok enough of these old statements.

The facts are this. In 79 days I will over about 15,000kms, riding my bike for an unbelievable 638 hours around Australia, if everything goes to the 'rough' plan we have. Let there be no mistake, we have planned as best we can but are fully aware that ANYTHING can happen and the best laid plans may go up in smoke...or red dirt! The weather will indeed range from -5 degrees to +45 degrees on any given day, something which i don't think ill fully comprehend until i live and breathe it shortly.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

This is what I have asked myself at least once per day at the moment. There's two reasons;

  1. I have a dream to educate, motivate and inspire all Australians that anything is possible. It is irrelevant where you are today. Move forward and don't look back.
  2. To raise much needed funds for Fr Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets. This organization does amazing things for young people with some huge challenges and I believe every person should be given an opportunity to see their full potential realised regardless of where they've come from or where they are today.

Most of you know my story/background/journey so I won't hit you with it again, but I will say this...your mindset is the biggest determining factor in your success or failure in any given task you set for yourself. Get you're head right and usually everything else will fall into place. I have no doubt that during my ride I will encounter many setbacks and my head at times will be telling me it's ok to give up. My experience from Ultraman Australia earlier in the year reminds me to believe that in order to overcome these dark moments and indeed they can be fixed with just one question.

Can I ride 1 more kilometer? Of course the answer to this question is always YES, so aim up and keep going!

If you'd like to support my campaign and make a donation to Youth Off The Streets please click on the button below.