What's your 'one day I'll do that' goal? Is there such a thing as impossible?

I often hear people say that they have a belief that what they dream of doing, is simply "impossible" or out of reach for them. I 100% disagree with this. 

Roger Bannister is a classic example that indeed the impossible is possible and to be able to achieve the so called impossible means that there is a new level where people can go to, aspire to and achieve.

For those who don't know the story, Roger Bannister was the first man to run under 4 minutes for the mile. Many had thought and declared that the achievement was actually physically impossible for a human to achieve this. Well he did it after many had tried before him and what I think was the most remarkable part of the story was that many others went on to achieve it within the next 12 month period after him. He instilled the belief in others that the achievement was indeed possible. Change your mindset, get the result. You can easily motivate others simply through your actions. There are no pills, formulas, secrets or methods that you need to train up on or indeed ingest. Just simply follow your own dreams and others will be motivated and inspired to achieve. 

This story resonates with me greatly and I'll break my story up into shorter chunks in time because as I've said, anything is indeed possible. I often harbored thoughts of completing an Ironman triathlon. Since 2004 I had thought that one day I'd like to complete this after watching Chris McCormack win the Australian Ironman Championship at Forster NSW. I'd somewhat stumbled across this race and instantly fell in love with the whole event! Standing at the finish seeing these guys was something I'll never forget and I could honestly one day see myself on their position. 

It took me almost 10 years to the day to realise that dream of an Ironman finish and there were periods in that time where if you'd asked me if it were possible, I would've said no. 

In reality, once I mentally switched on and decided it was going to happen it took only 15 months to totally change my life, move towards and complete my first Ironman triathlon. While this was an experience I will never forget, I also immediately began to think....what's next? What else is possible? My mind is constantly interested in how I can push myself harder to find a little bit more about me and challenge myself. 

Back to my mate Roger....Roger Bannister set a goal to achieve the impossible, followed a process hourly, daily, weekly and monthly to ensure he achieved his goal. Throughout my journey to an Ironman finisher, I often heard people tell me that it was ridiculous to think I could achieve what I wanted in a short amount of time. I think that many people fall victim to this negativity not only from other people in their lives but just as I had and probably more importantly, you can fall victim to your very own negative mindset. This negative mindset needs to be put aside and there are many ways to ensure you stay on track towards your "impossible" goal.

How to achieve your goals

1. Set a solid plan

Your goal needs to be written down. It needs to be written in great detail. My goal for my Ironman ended up being written on 5-6 A4 pages and included everything from how I would feel to who would be there and everything in between. The more detail in this document the better. 

2. Surround yourself with like minded people

Start to include yourself in groups who think the same way you do, are training for something similar or have done it before. The experience and knowledge of others is invaluable. You'll more than likely find that whether your goal is to take over the business world or be the best parent you will find others who have been successful and will be more than willing to share their story to help you.

3. Be focused

Your goal must fit with your values. There's no point having a goal to be the best poet in the world if you don't have a poetic mind or don't enjoy putting your thoughts on paper. I realise this sounds plainly obvious but you'd be suprised at how many people have goals that reflect the values from others in their lives like partners, bosses or friends. Keep in mind that this is YOUR life. YOU make the decisions everyday to reflect your beliefs. 

4. Be prepared to make drastic change

If you're goal or dream aligns with the 3 points above you will more than likely find that some things in your life may need to change in order for you to complete it. This may mean changing your circle of influence and starting to spend time with different people. Don't ever feel that this seems arrogant or rude to those who are around you and will see you or hear from you less. It's simply the reality that you are working towards something that will improve your life and you need the help around you to achieve this. Some of the things I needed to change were my entire social group; from one that revolved around alcohol and so called fun to triathlon groups, an awesome team of trainers and motivators. I changed where I lived, who I spent time with, who I connected with, the food I ate and all of this was to ensure that I had the support I needed to achieve my goal. Yes there were some hard decisions to be made, however, your true friends and loved ones will understand you are doing this to be a better version of you. 

So there's a heap of action points to work on in relation to getting started towards your big dream. 

My final tip...

Take one action tomorrow that will get you one step closer to your goal. It can be as simple as downloading an ebook on the subject you're striving for, connecting on LinkedIn or Facebook with an expert in the area you want to head into or researching the qualification or requirements required to achieve your goal. Sound simple? Well it is! Success breeds success. If you take one step today, tomorrow you might take two, next week you might make five and so on. 

If you think you might benefit with some more specific knowledge or more tailored information in relation to any of the above please feel free to get in contact with me. 

My goal is to educate, motivate and inspire YOU to find your big dream and achieve it, so if you need help let me know.

Until next week...

  1. Keep moving
  2. Keep going forward 
  3. Keep kicking goals

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