I must admit, I often look at races and see who's running them or what "brand" they are before I consider putting my credit card details in to be charged for sometimes up to a thousand bucks for an entry fee. Some would consider this crazy......you pay to hurt for up to 12 hours? You'll never win? There's no prize money? These are some of the questions I get from people when they ask what and why I do what I do. 

As humans, we are attracted to that feeling which the event, product, service or experience gives us. I remember after completing my first Ironman, saying that if the price was triple I still would paid the entry fee. 

We buy with emotion and justify with logic.

I also remember entering a race the day after completing a race, while sitting around a swimming pool in a resort in far North Queensland when that 'feeling' of finishing was still fresh. I'd just received my annual tax return and was ready to go again...so I bought with emotion or feeling. The emotion of that finish line had me hooked to it again.

Then of course, after a period of time the questions start coming; 

  • It's how much?
  • $1000 to enter a race?
  • That's a lot of money. Are you sure you want to spend that much? 

The answers from me were like this;

  •  Well there's a lot of costs involved.
  • They have to shut down roads.
  • You get a medal and a towel at the end and the dinner the night before is included.

Really my answer should've been this; 

  • I love the feeling that I get when I turn onto that finish line red carpet with big black logos on it, there's a stack of people making a heap of noise and a guy yells out your name and tells the world that "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN".

Ironman as a business 'brand' have developed and created this. Why doesn't every triathlon sell out like their ones do? Simply because they create a better and more valuable feeling for the competitor and their family and friends that are spectating.

I was lucky enough to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship race in 2015 in Austria and I can honestly say that from the moment we arrived in that town, I felt like I was awesome. You may not even see it at the time because of the daunting task ahead of you to race well, but when you reflect on the event and what it meant to you it's not hard to see why people are chomping at the bit to get the credit card out and pay for the race.

You can't buy that feeling as people would say. 

Let's face it. This is the major reason people do these races. People do them for a cause, for charity or to prove someone wrong but deep down we love the feeling the 'brand' gives us and quiet honestly the price is irrelevant, because like you've heard before "you can't buy that feeling".

So yesterday, I walked into an Apple Store thinking about writing this blog and again this feeling of awesomeness hits me. There's a feeling that people get when they pick the product up, they feel the product and they ultimately want the product. I don't know the cost of producing an iPhone but it couldn't be more then $10 especially when they're knocking them out at a million at a time, yet people are willing to part with $700 to have it. Again the same reasoning comes into people's heads and they justify with logic...yeah but it's got this camera, it can do everything I need for work, it's got new features. The real reason though...people feel great that they can pull the new iPhone out in front of their friends, colleagues and family and it does all this fancy stuff. I'm certain there's cheaper products on the market that do a similar, if not better job with calling and connecting people, yet we all want the shiny new phone, tablet or computer.

In this particular store, there was over 25 staff on the floor, you're greeted with a smiling hipster with some ink and checked in for your appointment better and quicker than checking into a hotel for a couple of nights. No fancy uniforms or scripts, just nice people in nice t-shirts asking real questions. It all plays into the experience when it comes time for the sales guru to swipe your credit card right where you stand and asks for your email to instantly have a receipt sent through. Need after sales service? Just book into the Genius Bar and they'll help you out with anything apple related. Again it gives you this feeling of belonging to a family that we all want. 

So what's my point here?

We all act, buy and do things in our lives because of how it will make us feel. If you're honest with yourself, you'll be able to isolate what it is that makes you happy. For me and many others, that might be having to spend $1000 a time to get the feeling of the finish line.

For others it might be playing music, joining a social club or going on a holiday.

Once you can work out what makes you have that feeling, you're well on the way to being happy and successful in your own life. 

Feel free to send me a message anytime and let me know what you're doing to chase that 'feeling'! I'd love to know.

Until next week...

  1. Keep moving
  2. Keep going forward
  3. Keep kicking goals