For me, 2015 started out perfectly - an ocean swim with a couple of hundred others at Manly on New Years Day morning. 

The year would actually turn out to be the best year yet for me with a stack of goals achieved and some new audacious and scary goals already set for 2016, which look to be even bigger...but more on that later. 

I personally make a point of setting a training session first thing on New Years Day. One reason is to ensure the night before is a tame one but I think just as importantly, it sets the tone for the year ahead and with some big goals, there's no point hanging around 'starting' later. Every minute counts! 

I achieved a few monster things throughout 2015 which I'm extremely proud of. 

1. Zeal2u Solo Ironman Triathlon - May 2015  

This was only a thought bubble (in my mind) in January but within a few months we were out on the M7 Motorway with a film crew, an aerial drone, support crew and many friends and family who helped me complete an Ironman triathlon to raise much needed funds for Youth Off The Streets. What a day it turned out to be which culminated in finishing at a local pub with a nice cold beer and a heap of supporters, friends and family. We ended up raising $4,000 for Youth Off The Streets various projects.

2. Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Austria - August 2015

My first international race and what an unbelievable experience it was. The course was tough. The weather was tough. My body didn't work but I got it done within the time limit....just! It really did live up to every expectation I had and I can't wait to do a World Champs race again one day. 

3. Plant-based Diet - October 2015

After a couple of years already eating a vegetarian diet, we decided to go fully plant-based late in the year. This was naturally the next step for us in our journey of educating, motivating and inspiring others to live an active, nourished, balanced life and we're really enjoying the added health benefits. As a result, we have also developed a deeper sense of compassion for animals and the sustainability of the planet as well as the learned even more facts about the potential prosperity of humans and the world if the more people adopted a plant-based diet.  

In general though, my year has included lots more swimming, riding and running than I have ever completed in previous years. Included in this was my longest ever training run in one day of 36kms (excluding my actual marathons completed in Ironman race events), my longest ever continuous swim of 5kms and lastly, on my birthday on December 4th, I completed my longest continuous ride of 300km in 10.5 hours.

I decided that my birthday each year will now include an activity of something I've never done before that scares me just a little. The day was awesome and with the help of my amazing nutrition sponsor, Temple Nutrition, my gut issues of the past are no longer. 

The above are certainly a few sporting highlights that I'm extremely proud of as anyone would be, but a different type of achievement that I'm also stoked about was starting my very own podcast this year. 

What an awesome experience this has turned out to be! I absolutely love it each and every time I get the opportunity to talk with people I respect and who have so much knowledge to share with me. I honestly had no idea what I was doing to start with, being a total computer nuffie (ie: newbie/dummy/not technically minded) and if you've dialled in at all you would've noticed some errors, some swearing but more importantly and hopefully you've gained some great insights to some ultra successful people. 

So all in all, it's been an unbelievably successful year and I cannot wait to go around again in 2016.

My two ultra big goals which I'm happy to share are; 

1. To finish in the top 5 at Ultraman Australia, May 2016. 

2. To ride my bike around the circumference of Australia, late 2016. 

I have been totally supported along my journey this year by one person in particular ,who honestly should be writing her own blog here! 

Talk about having a crack at something big...April has been by my side through every success (and failure) I've had in 2015. Her guidance, encouragement and passion to see me succeed never ever waivers and she's seen me at my absolute worst at times throughout the year and has been there when I've come through the other side, thankfully. I honestly wouldn't achieve half of what I do without her and cannot thank her enough for her love and support each and every swim, bike and run session. My chef, my diary organiser and above all else my biggest supporter. 

I am also constantly inspired by her own determination and drive to succeed in her own goals in which she has had the biggest year of her life in 2015 also. In January 2015, she couldn't ride a bike (literally) and couldn't swim 50m. She learnt it all and completed her first ever Ironman 70.3 triathlon after only 3 previous smaller distance triathlons and then backed it up by shaving a lazy 1.5 hours off her time 2 months later in Western Sydney in another Ironman 70.3 race.

Totally love that shit!

So in summary, i recommend everyone set themselves some goals because once you achieve them...and you will, the success will push you further and further to achieve more and more. Yep, its addictive, in a good way of course ;)

Need a hand setting your own goals? Feel free to shoot me a message because I love nothing more to help others also achieve success. 

So that's my 2015 year in review, hope you're inspired to light your 2016 on fire! 

Until next year's review...

  1. Keep moving
  2. Keep going forward 
  3. Keep kicking goals