Greg will help your audience take positive tangible action steps towards achieving their goals, through his relatable, articulate and engaging presentations. Greg's knowledge and lessons are not 'just talk' but are based on his experience learned over the years as he navigated his way through his own personal transformation journey. Coming out the other end of this growth process and now having achieved success in ways he never thought possible, Greg is a speaker who will appeal to a broad range of audiences as he speaks from the 'every man' perspective..."If he can do it, I can do it!' 

Greg is experienced in speaking to small and large audiences in the following ways;

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Seminar or Workshop Presenter/Facilitator
  • Triathlon, Running, Cycling or Swimming Sports MC
  • Mentor

Greg will tailor his presentation length to the clients needs and usually covers an introduction of his journey/background and topics around health, fitness, mindset, wellness and in particular goal setting and achieving success whether in business or personal life. These topics are of course adjustable based on the audience and key takeouts required. 

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